Sunday, January 21, 2007

temporary handicap????

i had this real bad fall on sunday morning, right there on the middle of the road. Lying sprawled out on my ass,the result of thoughts wandering and not seeing where i was going, i was thinking of what the world has come to, no passers stopping to help a poor damsel in distress. and distress it sure was. i had twisted my ankle.
Limping back home i thought ma would molly-coodle me and show some sympathy,well i was wrong!!all i got at first was "u have to pay attention when u r walking" kinda lecture. but then later she was really sweet, these moms i tell u, they first put across their point and then get on the right track(i mean our track!).
but man,what with not being able to walk and my action packed plans for spending the sunday all gone down the drain, i was so bored!!
the pessimist in me was in its element. first i had a sprain, then a fracture and then thoughts of what if i can never again walk, what if i can't run anymore, no gym, and the result of all this.... a big fat ass!!! OMG! what was i gonna do?
well, as i knew, it was actually nothing. i started hobbling around by the evening and am at work today!!!limping a lil, but still ready to go to a sale at the end of the day!Retail therapy u know....:)

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