Friday, September 28, 2007

good book...bad book????

i just finished reading this book "a fine balance" by rohinton mistry. first book of his i read. it came highly recommended to me and also had the stamp of "oprah's book club" which sold me. it a 752 page marathon book. it starts off realy well. i liked his writing, and the first 150 pages or so went real fast. then the whole thing got tedious. i read atleast 5 other books from the time i started it to the time i finished it. my god!!! does it drag or what, and so repetitive and damn, it's never ending. i almost abandoned it in the middle but decided, what the hell, i may as well finish it!!! i dont remember any one single story with so much suffering, and believe me, only suffering.very rarely you see a ray of hope shining thro'.

i don't know whether to call it realistic, cos it is actually pretty close to how people live in india, but at times it got too hmm....too realistic maybe.and at times very gory and explicit. maybe i just like to continue living in my fantasy and not think about such things as caste, the trials and tribulations of being a widow without much money or the guy from the mountains who knows nothing apart from that. the characters in the book have been put down so well, like theis guy rajaram, who is a hair-collector(i din't know such professions existed :)), or there is shankar, who is a limbless beggar, or beggarmaster, who owns all the beggars in the area and walks around with a briefcase full of coins chained to his wrist, and monkey-man and his monkies laila and majnu and dog tikka.ofcourse these and some other small tidbits now and then bring a smile your face, but through most of it i had a grimace.

well, i ain't saying it's no good, i just haven't been able to make up my mind about.

i wanna say this though, if any of u out there wanna read it, sure go ahead....especially if u have loads of time on your hands ;)

**i hope in writing this(i'd like to say critic, but i guess it would be pushing it too far;))so, i shall stick to 'my view', i din't hurt anybody's feelings if they felt differently....

Thursday, September 13, 2007

sundays???what are those???

come september and my sundays have vanished!!! friends had warned me about this and i had snootily said"i can deal with it" or "i will learn to like it". but that fateful day arrived and i have to say it just left me with a bad headache and a sore mood!! and i thought it was only a sunday exercise, oh no, there i was mistaken. they have one every monday night as well.... i am sure many of the wives/girlfriends/moms (basically most women) will sympathise with me and hate their sundays from sept to february too.....most of u might have guessed, and guessed right, FOOTBALL.

that violent game, where one guy is ready to kill another or if not
completely maul him(like the recent pitbull maulings of people), atleast make sure he goes home with one broken bone, u know just for memories :) and this my dear readers, i am subjected to every sunday. and it's soooo loud i wish i were deaf!! i have a deal with R, he can either watch the morning game or the afternoon one :) and i am such a sucker, seeing the intense concentration on his face, the reactions to things happening on the field, so animated, so child like, i am sure i will let him watch both games if he begs a little ;) so, my only hope is if he will stick to our deal.

it's not that complicated to understand, but I just don't get the essence of a guy trying to make a touchdown, fighting and waving like a raging bull to make it, and my god are these guys huge. they are called the 300 pounder or 340 pounder, like as if it is a 3 lb burger from big mac they are talking about!! and for this they get paid like millions of dollars!!! if i don't soon learn to appreciate the game(which i very much doubt i will) i'll have to find something to do out of the house between 9-12 and 1-4 plus the overtimes. guess i'll just be visitor on sunday evenings!!!! ;);)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Age no bar....

today, i felt good. i felt young at heart, mind, body, soul, fitness..... ask me why??? well, i am not sure it's anything to brag about except for the fact that somebody thought i was just 23yrs compared to my much older age ;)(ofcourse i was in a room full of over 55 ladies) but that always always feels good right?right?anyway,this is what happened....
i got up early this morning deciding to go and sign up for the 9:15am aerobics class. i needed a change from the everyday running and gymming. so this looked like a good class. it clearly said in the brochure that it was 'aerobics for all'. so i went. and what do i see? there was this nice hall filled with sweet old grandma looking ladies. they were standing around chatting, and then i entered. all of them looked at me like i was crazy coming there.the average age difference between the ladies in the room and me was atleast 50 years. one of them was 78years old,or wait, should i say young :). they were all so active, moving their legs, arms and tush as if there was no tomorrow. so smartly dressed, all of them in colourful tracks, shorts and tees.i actually felt frumpy in my all black, slimming, tracks and t shirt!!! i was like, what am i doing here? maybe i should walk across to the gym and do my usual drill. then i thought, oh what the hell, lemme finish this class. i ain't no quitter ;). so i stuck it out. and u know what? i really enjoyed meself. it was fun, these oldie-goldie, pish-posh ladies stole my heart. the way they were smiling and talking to me, the way they were working so hard to get their steps right, so particular about the correct foot going up, or kicking or whatever. on the whole i had quite a blast!!! and i think i just may go back for the next class on wednesday :) :0

Friday, August 17, 2007

my poor baby...aww....i din't mean to leave you :(

Hell!!am i allowed to swear? well it's my blog so, dang it!! oh, there i go again, but thats a new word i have added to my already colourful vocabulary of swear words :) and love using it at every opportunity i get. so anyway, before i got side tracked i was gonna say "hell!it's been so long since i wrote a post." Lets just say that the reason for neglecting my blog is my being extremely lazzzzz...y. i don't know, for a while i was just busy. i had just started school, getting used to the way studying is done here in the USA, getting used to marriage, being a nice wife;), cooking, cleaning etc etc and basically just enjoying marriage. so there started the neglect, and then it just became a habit. i used to open my blog to read stuff written by my fellow bloggers, but me write? i never even thought of it!! it felt like all those creative or not so creative, but juices are juices, just weren't flowing. now and then i would think that i should go home and write about this and that on my blog, but then come home and it's the same. Writer's block. That's what i call it.
yeniways, today i decided that i am not going to ignore my baby anymore. i shall write, yes, even if the juices are not flowing(like now) and torture my few readers into completly eliminating my blog from their blog rolls!!! So people, gear up and get ready, insanity is going to hit u soon!!!!! :) Have fun....

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

yipee, yipee ya ya.... i have been TagGed!!!!

i am so excited!! thanks dee for tagging me.this is the first time i have been tagged in my blogging life!! but the weird thing is, though i was so excited, it took me so many days to actually sit down and write this blog. i blame it totally on my supposed studying for my driving test, which i am so stressed about, more than for anyother test or exam in my life. i am like, a...isn't driving in india so much easier, some people don't even have to give a test to drive. ok ok, i can hear dee in my head, S stop digressing and do the above tag!! so i start to think, 9 things about meself, one of which is the untruth!! it's tougher than it sounds. howmuch ever i love talking about myself, i realise i actually may not be such a narcist. yipee!! so here goes

  • i love life!! i like everything about it. the good times, not so good times, the blue skies, the rain, the sun, the people, food, the colours, the nicknacks, animals. the whole experience of life itself is great!! but oh, i forgot, i do so hate the cold, unless i am wearing a very nice flattering sweater ;)
  • i can talk continuously without a stop. i can go on ya ya ya yakyakyak....on and on.i can crack loads of PJs and nothing better i like than people laughing at my jokes.
  • i can read for hours at a time without a break. and my favourite reading place being the loo. i had a library in the loo back home. though i often wonder why, must be the peace, quiet and tranquility in there eh ;)
  • there maybe very few things i like better than a game of tennis, a walk, a run along the beach or a trek or a good solid workout. the cool of the air hitting my face or the sweet sweaty feel after a run. these usually give me a high.
  • i am a "bi"holic- 1. a chocoholic 2. a shoeoholic. i can eat howmuch ever chocolate, anytype, anyplace. and i don't mind if it's chocolate bar, cake, muffin, ice cream...anything! the other is shoes. love them too. i am attracted to them like a bee to honey!! oh god S, that sounds so corny.
  • i am also "bi"phobic. 1.hydrophobic 2. cockroachophobia. though i know to swim i am petrified of water. i live in a fear of drowning or a tsunami striking. and the second one, i won't even start. i usually start hyperventilating if i see even a dead cockroach.
  • i sing like an angel or so i have been told. if i listen to a song once it usually sticks in my head. i am usually found practising when the house is empty or in the bathroom.
  • i enjoy driving!! i can drive for hours, alone too. i don't even mind driving in the b'lore rush hour traffic.
  • i usually live in awe. i am mostly looking open mouthed at almost everything and anything. i am always surprised or often find myself shocked by most things and people around me.

there, i am done atlast. i wonder what took me so long. it was a poece of cake ;). let's see if anyone can figure out which is the big LIE!!!! well, i don't know too many bloggers to tag. so i shall leave it to whoever wants to do this tag..... Thanks!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

PasSion ;)

if anyone was to ask me "what are you most passionate about?" my answer, well would be to turn around, smile and say "why, shoes of course"!!!

i love shoes, sandals, slippers, flip-flops, espadrilles,strappy stuff, any whichever actually.... that's a fact and those who know me will vouch for it, and well, the people who have to live with this passion of mine,hmm... they usually go bang their heads against a wall when i go to buy a new pair. actually, it's not only buying, owning, wearing that i like so much. even just walking down a street, i will definately look at people's shoes. not just the women, i don't spare even men's shoes!!

i am like a magnet when it comes to shoes. i see a shoe store, a display in the window and i definately make a bee line for it. it's also a great pick-me-up. a little down, well, i just go to a mall and try on a few pairs and then am as happy as a lark :). i don't even have to buy to get a high!!

i am very fussy about the colour, the heel, the texture etc etc. i buy some pairs for comfort wear and some to wear once in a while, a few dressy and i even have a few which are like 'sit in the car, get out, sit on chair, and then get back in car and come home'.i won't even try to walk more than 2 steps with them on!!

i happened to tell my husband the other day that shoes are better than clothes. i prefer to get shoes than clothes!! and he gave me that weird look like"what am i married to?" i mean, he is used to my shoe obsession and also not used to it!!! does that make sense?? :)

for me, it's not the diamonds but the shoes which are my best friend !!! unless of course the diamonds are on the shoe!!!!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007


people, i have officially been given the status of an Addict!!! :0

nope, it's not to grass, heroine, marijuana, alcohol, cigarettes etc. no, all these seem like lame addictions compared to the one i have developed. i have gotten "attached" is the word i should maybe use, to Craig's List!!! i know, everybody is going like ugh...craig's list!!!!but seriously, i sleep, eat, walk, talk and breathe it. i don't know what to do. the only help i got in the way of de-addiction is my husband saying "stop it, just shut the computer off". well that was a bit too mild maybe or just not very helpful. i am at it once he is outta the house :)

i think i need help!!!
but really, for those of you who haven't ventured into this website, you are missing something. go ahead, look around, get a feel of it, but don't get addicted to..........Craig's list!!!!