Wednesday, February 28, 2007

gorgeous grand graceful glittering glorious.......

Oh wow!! what a super super weekend!!! Was in Goa with these three really fundu, sweet happy, happening girls :). Together, we roamed the streets and beaches of Goa, in a state of perpetual excitement.This was a long awaited holiday, which we have been planning for eons n eons!! Have not seen a place which is more filled and overflowing with life, colour and culture all packed into one goody bag called Goa!!
Always wanted to do the Goa thingy with friends. The last time i went was with family, where we stayed in this nice resort tucked away in a corner of the state and stayed there in oblivion for some 3 days.... it was nice, after all my grandma's big 80, so considering that, it was a restful, relaxing 3 days!!
This time, well it was something else!!It sure was relaxing and restful but at the same time it was exciting!! I had always heard about Baga Beach, Anjuna, Candolim, this time I actually lived it!! I had heard about the shacks, this time I saw them!The place is always pulsating with life!!!
Every place we visited was different, be it the Terekol fort, or the fountainhans(hope i spelt it right!), or that quiant lil portugese resturant right opposite our place(oh and the owner was darling :)),or Tito's, man that place is a landmark in the state!!Never seen no nite club soo advertised in B'lore!!I was thinking we shld send our dear
Mr. Kumaraswamy to show him what we should do to B'lore. He seriously is curbing our partying spirits, which is a serious crime Mr. Chief Minister!!!Will consider writing a letter to him on the same;)
The place seems so safe, do what u want, when u want kinda thingy. The only time u get really irked by the laid back attitude is at Breakfast, when u have stayed out late, gotten up even later and you are ravenous, these people donot give u your order for at least 45 mins. can u believe that, 45 mins to get an egg and toast!!!
But the rest of the time is something else, u like the place for its easy, no one is in a hurry,do what u want attitude. Man! u cAn get away with murder and no one would know ;)where else could us heavy weights wear a backless top or even just a spagetti top and get away with it!!certainly not here...
the bestest part(for a person like me, who loves driving) are the roads.People of b'lore, we don't know what roads are!!The roads in Goa are awsome,smooth as a baby's bottom is the first thing that came to my mind, hehehee..but really i loved the driving!!poor V asked me several times if she could drive, but i was like "no, it's ok, i am not tired". the truth, i knew in B'lore i wouldn't be able to drive so aaraamse, with my mind wandering happily, nobody blaring their horns in my ear, hmmm... such bliss!!oh ya, i loved the Rumblers too..
so all in all, people, Goa Rocks!!!can do this again and again, and will never tire of it!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

BitterSweeT GooDbYes......

As my wedding is on the 20th of April,after which i will be going away to another place, another time, leaving my mom behind, i decided to resign from work a bit earlier than planned and spend some time with her. Having been with this company for only about a year, I din't think I would feel so bad about it!! It seemed like, wow, will resign and sit at home for a while, enjoy with ma, shop, eat and generally be merry.

Recently though, along with all the gamut of weird emotions i have been going thro', a new one has suddenly crept up. I am feeling really sad about leaving work. The day before I was supposed to give my letter, I was talking to my fiance about it, and he was generally asking me if I was feeling bad about leaving, and if I was feeling distress at the thought of having to leave etc. At that time, I just laughed it off saying"oh!paleese, I am so glad I am getting outta here" kinda attitude.But surprise, surprise!! am feeling really awful that I am leaving!I never ever thought I would feel like this.....
but am sure gonna miss it all.
The fights and arguments with my fellow cabbies, the loud music in the morning on the way to work, the silly jokes, the laughing and chattering about the whole day in the evenings!!And then the colleagues in the office and esp. my group!
Dr.Sendil, sitting and sleeping in his chair,looking as if he is working(believe me he even manages to move the mouse:)),his love of guitars, his loud booming laugh and his awsome awsome drawings, and not to forget his obsession with super heroes. He has promised to make my caricature before I leave and I will make sure he does.And he just told me today that he thinks he is a 'floor workout kinda guy' :)!!ROTFWLOL
Prashanth, this slip of a guy, not more than 5"3', thinks the world needs to bow to him!But a very sweet know-it-all!!He is the only guy I know who loves flowers and that is usually his desktop wallpaper, uses the word "whatever" more than I do,very friendly too.A lil lazy but common, who isn't rite? He and I usually have these longish conversations on gymming(which I do regularly and he is regularly irregular at it!),and every morning discussion recently has been on Big Boss!The only person other than me who i know was addicted to the show:).Will always remember him,helped me alot during my initial stages in the company and I will always remember that I did my first monitoring visit with him!!!
Then there is dear old Subhash, one sweet man. We fondly call him chachu!!And sometimes chuglee chachu as he is the private eye for our boss!! With a conservative outlook, and crazy about his 'missus'(thats what he still calls his wife!), and we all always smile. He is mostly shouting at somebody or the other on the phone, in that weird hoarse+girlish voice of his, and always making us take stuff to sites in order to save money for the company(which is completely opposite to our motto).He hates the fact that being a brahmin I eat non-vegetarian!!And keeps warning me not to go trekking ever since some guys who did go, had gotten lost in the forests never to return!!Can never forget his possessiveness about the randomization either!!Memories of him will always make me smile, oh ya, and how he can't really hear much, I have to literally shake his chair to get him to realise I am talking to him!!
Bindhya Cariappa aka BC, as we call her. Our boss!very smart, young,sauve,diplomat to the core. Wanting to please all.She is truly a madam know it all, I know best!!Me thinks she was born with the phone to her ear!!But she has her pluses too.Very nice and friendly,i mean I know after working for her it will be very tough to work for someone else, she has actually spoilt us. Always remembers b'days, and remembers to gift us something. Wears very smart pretty jewellery(except for that one very vile, yellow ear ring)which Dee and I keep eyeing!!And just like the typical boss, shoves us to the forefront in stick situations!!
And last but not the least, there is Deepti!!A fellow dentist like me,in her I have found a friend!!And hope to be that way forever. we spend our day together,come and go together, sit next to each other,go out to gether.We are the butt of many jokes for this reason. She is actually called my 'better half' :)!!!But I totally adore her, with her open laughter, her smile at all times, she is usually bubbling with energy, her frank opinions, and she talks faster than the concorde, continuously and more than anyone I know!!I will totally miss our afternoon walks, our once a month fries eating and our extended hours of coffee breaks, our travels together on monitoring, man that was fun!!will miss u gal!
I will also not forget our days at the KCA building with this group, so much more fun than vasanthnagar!!
And then there are these other people, co workers, call them whatever, nice people they are!Like usha with the hawkish eye, who will comment every single day on what I wear!!Then megha, with her really 'lakshana makha' and her nice good morning.Tintu, who will always speak to me in malyalam and smile, kalyani, aksha, catherine.Oh ya and there is jibu, who is real weird with his silly sense of humour, but I always smile at his PJs.and Mr. Chakrapani, this sweet elderly guy, who was sometime in Russia and so always starts by saying "in russia.....", but a very nice man who always has a smile on his face.....God!!am gonna miss all these people!!even Mr.Krishnamurthy, with his discoloured front tooth(once a dentist...),and rude kamal in the other dept., scary sanil,and the oh so haughty bharathi, the guy with the colourful ties, and last but not the least 'yama' aka manish nanoo,our systems guy(very weird this one, i tell u) and lots of others!!
God! have just about 3 weeks to go, and then am done here. There will be relief, sadness, regret, happiness, joy etc. a whole array of emotions!!!!
But, what has to happen will happen, I guess!!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Pride and Prejudice By Jane Austen- One of my favourite books/movies(the BBC version with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy :)).Have read it so many times, parts of it, the whole thing, and am pretty sure i will do so many more times.Here are a few quotes from the book which i like to keep reading:

"Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously. A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us."

"Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure."

"I could easily forgive his pride, if he had not mortified mine."

"A lady's imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony, in a moment."

"It is very often nothing but our own vanity that deceives us."