Wednesday, December 27, 2006

double scoop!!

they say all good things happen in Twos.well it just did!!
on sunday i watched 2 Salman Khan movies.
am a big fan of his,'god knows why'? thts wht everybody asks. 'do u really need to'? i ask them!!!
so i watched the shirtless bad boy of bollywood in 'Janemann' and 'Baabul'. which was better? well definately janemann!!it's an out and out comedy, full of fun and tricks!i am not saying its a super movie, i am just choosing the better of the two evils....though the best part of the movie is Akshay Kumar's laugh!!it was a superb touch to his character....
and Baabul, well for one thing it was far too long!Sallu miyaan does not remove hs shirt even once during the entire movie(or mayb i was too busy crying to notice! actually i would hav, come on it's salman!!!).
but ya, basically it's an AB movie completely.and Rani Mukherjee's clothes, she definately needs a new designer!!!!and John Abraham, needs to go to acting classses, i mean he seems to be a one expression for all occasions kind of actor.a cute face and a gud bod, makes not a good actor, n he proves it!!the only thing good about the movie was maybe that my tear glands got cleared. That guy,Chopra,sure knows how to make them work over time!!but a good positive thing about the movie are the colours, so bright and beautiful!!
hehehe... feel like that movie critic, rajeev masand!!!

This is how i rate some of the movies i watched recently(on a 1-10):
Dhoom 2- 5(all for hrithik and uday chopra)
Baabul -3.5(just for salman khan)
Jaanemann- 7
The departed-8.5
phir hera pheri(watched it for the 4th time)-8 (super comedy:)))
one tamil movie which i don't know the name of:),watched it whn i was bored in chennai-5
khosla ka ghosla- a must watch-9
Am dying to watch Happy Feet- a must for the weekend!!!just have to!!

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