Tuesday, December 26, 2006

the best part of my morning!!!!

every morning i seem to be having the 'monday mornin blues':(. don't know why??feel like sleeping for longer, cuddled under my blankie,all dressed up in tracks, sweater and socks.only thing i need is a small mitten for the tip of my nose, which feels really cold!!i have to bury it into my pillow so that it can get warm :). now tell me, warmly cuddled like this on a cold winter morning, who would feel like coming to work!!!
so i chug along, get ready and leave the house like a bear with a sore head, just not looking forward to the day ahead.thinking, hopefully the day will be better after the sun comes out, and i don't feel so cold anymore...
this feeling continues till my cab reaches Cubbon park.we drive on the road cutting through Cubbon park every morning. the part which starts at hudson circle and then u come out at vidhan soudha.this is tree nad flower lined on either side, a superb stretch!! this is sure got to be the most beautiful road in B'lore. it's awsome!!!
i especially love the garden after the Sheshadri Iyer Library!!full of trees in bloom with the pinkest of flowers!!can u believe it, trees and trees, all looking pink with the blooms,and absolutely no leaves!!! it's just soooo pretty. this is what wakes me up every morning these days!it perks my mood,brings a big smile on my face,feel really happy, reminds me of the good stuff out there!!!and then u come out from here only to see the majestic Vidhan Soudha!!it's really a lovely site to see!!! a scene which i can replay in my mind's eye whenever i need it,and everytime it creates the same magic, and stirs my soul somewhere deep within!!!
i recommend this to each and every Bangalorean, nothing gets better than this!!!!!

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