Tuesday, June 05, 2007

yipee, yipee ya ya.... i have been TagGed!!!!

i am so excited!! thanks dee for tagging me.this is the first time i have been tagged in my blogging life!! but the weird thing is, though i was so excited, it took me so many days to actually sit down and write this blog. i blame it totally on my supposed studying for my driving test, which i am so stressed about, more than for anyother test or exam in my life. i am like, a...isn't driving in india so much easier, some people don't even have to give a test to drive. ok ok, i can hear dee in my head, S stop digressing and do the above tag!! so i start to think, 9 things about meself, one of which is the untruth!! it's tougher than it sounds. howmuch ever i love talking about myself, i realise i actually may not be such a narcist. yipee!! so here goes

  • i love life!! i like everything about it. the good times, not so good times, the blue skies, the rain, the sun, the people, food, the colours, the nicknacks, animals. the whole experience of life itself is great!! but oh, i forgot, i do so hate the cold, unless i am wearing a very nice flattering sweater ;)
  • i can talk continuously without a stop. i can go on ya ya ya yakyakyak....on and on.i can crack loads of PJs and nothing better i like than people laughing at my jokes.
  • i can read for hours at a time without a break. and my favourite reading place being the loo. i had a library in the loo back home. though i often wonder why, must be the peace, quiet and tranquility in there eh ;)
  • there maybe very few things i like better than a game of tennis, a walk, a run along the beach or a trek or a good solid workout. the cool of the air hitting my face or the sweet sweaty feel after a run. these usually give me a high.
  • i am a "bi"holic- 1. a chocoholic 2. a shoeoholic. i can eat howmuch ever chocolate, anytype, anyplace. and i don't mind if it's chocolate bar, cake, muffin, ice cream...anything! the other is shoes. love them too. i am attracted to them like a bee to honey!! oh god S, that sounds so corny.
  • i am also "bi"phobic. 1.hydrophobic 2. cockroachophobia. though i know to swim i am petrified of water. i live in a fear of drowning or a tsunami striking. and the second one, i won't even start. i usually start hyperventilating if i see even a dead cockroach.
  • i sing like an angel or so i have been told. if i listen to a song once it usually sticks in my head. i am usually found practising when the house is empty or in the bathroom.
  • i enjoy driving!! i can drive for hours, alone too. i don't even mind driving in the b'lore rush hour traffic.
  • i usually live in awe. i am mostly looking open mouthed at almost everything and anything. i am always surprised or often find myself shocked by most things and people around me.

there, i am done atlast. i wonder what took me so long. it was a poece of cake ;). let's see if anyone can figure out which is the big LIE!!!! well, i don't know too many bloggers to tag. so i shall leave it to whoever wants to do this tag..... Thanks!!


Serendipity said...

Ok , wild guess , how about the singing part . Pardon me if Im wrong but it sounded a little less enthusiastic ;)

temporary insanity said...


absolutely rite...have to give it to ya ;)

Anonymous said...

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