Friday, August 17, 2007

my poor baby...aww....i din't mean to leave you :(

Hell!!am i allowed to swear? well it's my blog so, dang it!! oh, there i go again, but thats a new word i have added to my already colourful vocabulary of swear words :) and love using it at every opportunity i get. so anyway, before i got side tracked i was gonna say "hell!it's been so long since i wrote a post." Lets just say that the reason for neglecting my blog is my being extremely lazzzzz...y. i don't know, for a while i was just busy. i had just started school, getting used to the way studying is done here in the USA, getting used to marriage, being a nice wife;), cooking, cleaning etc etc and basically just enjoying marriage. so there started the neglect, and then it just became a habit. i used to open my blog to read stuff written by my fellow bloggers, but me write? i never even thought of it!! it felt like all those creative or not so creative, but juices are juices, just weren't flowing. now and then i would think that i should go home and write about this and that on my blog, but then come home and it's the same. Writer's block. That's what i call it.
yeniways, today i decided that i am not going to ignore my baby anymore. i shall write, yes, even if the juices are not flowing(like now) and torture my few readers into completly eliminating my blog from their blog rolls!!! So people, gear up and get ready, insanity is going to hit u soon!!!!! :) Have fun....

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Serendipity said...

(Makes a clicking sounds) No ! No this does not qualify for a post!