Wednesday, May 30, 2007

PasSion ;)

if anyone was to ask me "what are you most passionate about?" my answer, well would be to turn around, smile and say "why, shoes of course"!!!

i love shoes, sandals, slippers, flip-flops, espadrilles,strappy stuff, any whichever actually.... that's a fact and those who know me will vouch for it, and well, the people who have to live with this passion of mine,hmm... they usually go bang their heads against a wall when i go to buy a new pair. actually, it's not only buying, owning, wearing that i like so much. even just walking down a street, i will definately look at people's shoes. not just the women, i don't spare even men's shoes!!

i am like a magnet when it comes to shoes. i see a shoe store, a display in the window and i definately make a bee line for it. it's also a great pick-me-up. a little down, well, i just go to a mall and try on a few pairs and then am as happy as a lark :). i don't even have to buy to get a high!!

i am very fussy about the colour, the heel, the texture etc etc. i buy some pairs for comfort wear and some to wear once in a while, a few dressy and i even have a few which are like 'sit in the car, get out, sit on chair, and then get back in car and come home'.i won't even try to walk more than 2 steps with them on!!

i happened to tell my husband the other day that shoes are better than clothes. i prefer to get shoes than clothes!! and he gave me that weird look like"what am i married to?" i mean, he is used to my shoe obsession and also not used to it!!! does that make sense?? :)

for me, it's not the diamonds but the shoes which are my best friend !!! unless of course the diamonds are on the shoe!!!!!!!

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Unknown said...

lol at the passion. but seriously i have a totally different take on shoes. I love them but still....maybe i will do a post abt it :)