Monday, November 13, 2006

what it was- sheer panic! what it felt like - a scene from a K soap!!!!

i still can't believe it, i felt like one of those soap opera stars, literally in tears, and crying over a lost ruby!!!
it happened the other evening as i was getting ready to go to the airport to see off my fiance. i looked at my finger and suddenly noticed that a ruby from my engagement ring had fallen off.
never thought myself to be a superstitious person, but right at that moment i was a convert. crossing my fingers that i find it, searched every corner of the room but couldn't.thats when panic struck. i realised that R was travelling that day, and got real scared.would his journey be ok, would he be safe, all the worst case scenarios started doing the rounds. didn't want to call and worry him, so called my mom and cried to her.everybody was like 'don't be absurd, nothing will happen'.but i guess it's in your head and once there, nothing i mean nothing can change your mind. so i was damn scared by the time i reached the airport.i was stuck in every stupid traffic jam that b'lore is known for, time was ticking by, and i was standing at the toll booth in the airport for 10 mins,waiting to park.that i blamed on the lost ruby, then i went around the parking lot atleast thrice before i got a slot to park,that also i blamed on the lost stone. somehow i made it to the airport on time.
then the anxiety struck again, me telling R,msg whn u get to Kaulalampur, and then whn u get to LA, and thn again whn u get home.i think it left him confused as to why i was behaving in a 'not me' kind of way.
the next 2 days were bad, actually.was sure something bad would happen because of the lost ruby.but nothing did, and all is ok.thank god!!!
but the whole episode got me thinking. i remembered how in all the Ekta Kapoor K serials, if something bad happened to the hero, the heroine would feel it, or a glass bangle breaking, or the sindoor being washed off by mistake or some such bizarre incident would indicate that the hero was dead, or had an accident. basically a bad omen!!
at that point i actually went through the whole gamut of emotions from near panic to laughing at myself for believing such stupid superstitions, but all the while actually sure that calamity would stike.never thought myself capable of this.
thats when i realised that it's all situational.they r mind games surely, but ones that put you on the spot.u don't know what to think, what to do. i mean let's face it, if R was not travelling that day, the whole thing would not have bothered me at all.i would have just gone to the jeweller without making a fuss, and got it fixed.
superstitions, old wives tales, whatever we call them, maybe had a basis in the past and people continue to believe them. we belong to the wanna be YO! generation, who on the outside project this oh so cool image,i don't believe in this crap kinda thing, but on the inside, when in need fall back on this same crap and become a believer!!! i know i did.....
so guess who had the last laugh;)


Raghu said...

maybe the turbulent flight for 10hrs! can be attributed to this eh?? :)... it was like a mini earthquake that lasted 10hrs!... well.. err... we were in the air... bad analogy... but you get the point, right? :)

temporary insanity said...
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