Tuesday, November 07, 2006

the good, the bad and the ugly...mood-despondent :(

have u ever seen that movie, one of my all time favs....
but the title actually says a lot.have u noticed that the good and the bad actually go together,either one always follows the other...
it's like good then bad then good then bad or otherwise the bad then good and the chain continues.sometimes it gets worse,thats when the ugly comes into the picture and rears its head. u can actually hear the sound of ugly laughing at u in your head(no am not schizophrenic)whenever something nice and good happens. its like a warning'don't be too happy sweety, there are the bad things coming up and if i want to make it worse for u, thats great i'll just show up myself' and this little guy almost always keeps his date!!!
it's so uncanny...i always cross my fingers(don't know if it works, this crossing fingers, toes, eyes, nose and everyother body part)and pray nothing bad comes out of or after the gud, but mr.bad/ugly never disappoints me, shows up each and everytime.
and worse is the timing when he makes his visit,all the bad things that have to happen or things that have to go wrong will all happen on the same day.and yes, that will be the day u r already hating,almost as if u know it's coming to get u.it will be the day when work is a bitch, ure boss soon joins the same league, u have an argument with this weird auto driver and just want to go home and put your feet up.but no, does that happen?thats impossible S. u don't live in lala fairyland. u live in this big bad world.so u go home and Mr.ugly is there, sitting on your couch, waiting to blurt out his news!!!!

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accidental diva said...

so true S...so true. but then thats life i guess{thats me trying to be philosophical:)}