Thursday, October 12, 2006


am so bored:(have so much to do,but not doing a thing.
all my collegues are on leave or are out's so boring.and hence ended up doing useless research on my fair lady on imdb(totally love the site,especially when playing poster quiz:) {which i am proud to say i haven't played all day} hurraaaah....[hopefully getting rid of addiction to ultimate poster quiz]).love my fair lady almost as much as sound of music(which just so happens to be one of my all time fav movies:)).ok S u r so bored that u r just blabbering....better u continue to peel the nail polish off ur finger nails(which u r already doing interspersed with mini writing bouts).
oops just realised that the obelix picture i have pinned (which a dear friend drew for me{btw i cant draw to save my life[and always feel bad abt it]})at my work station has gotten covered by the evil computer that was shifted!i have to move the pic now.i am totally crazy abt asterix and obelix,especially all the characters' names.getafix,vitalstatistix,geriatrix ,and the best is the village fishmonger's wife is bacteria and his name is-unhygienix:)simply the best...all the female names end with 'a' and the male names with 'ix'.
the comic was created by by René Goscinny (stories) and Albert Uderzo (illustrations). did u know that in the comic asterix and obelix share a birthday!!!oh i just remembered fulliautomatix,cacofonix and ofcourse dogmatix...the roman's names all end with 'us'.
well thats all i can remember abt the comic for now,more abt it later.
yipeee it's almost 5:30,time to go home and hit the gym......

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accidental diva said...

Hey S...please stop fiddling around with ur nails so much...let them be for god sake:)...By the way I so love asterix and obelix just wanted to add some names I fulliautomatix(the blcksmith)Noxious Vapus,Crismus Bonus,Osseus Humerus (the Romans)Hiphiphurrax,Valueaddedtax(the Britons) must say they will always be funny right.