Tuesday, October 03, 2006

celebs!can't get enough of them....

on my way to work this morning,feeling loads of tuesday blues,after a nice long weekend of festivities n eating n sleeping,suddenly am woken out of my day dreaming(if i dint have to go to work thoughts).all of a sudden the music in the cab is switched off and every other sleepy head(though no one will appreciate me for calling them that) is looking out of d window,wondering what d hoopla is about,i look out too.
i was glad when i looked out though,for driving the car next to ours was anil kumble!!!imagine our surprise...
and then this afternoon i saw prakash padukone!!still as good looking as ever.that was a double today!!!!yippee
all said and done,i get such a thrill when i see some famous person.i mean it's fun!!!!
can't wait to go home and tell my mom :)

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