Wednesday, September 06, 2006

food for thought!!!!

We never have what we like,
We never like what we have,
still we live,love and hope
that someday we'll get
what we love,or,
love what we have
that's LIFE....


Raghu said...

This phrase flips the equation from "have what you like" to "like what you have". Judging yourself interms of these intangible things as "what you have" and "what you like" is tricky. Many a times, these are perceptions of reality and not reality itself. One may not even realize when "you have what you like".

accidental diva said...

The post makes absolute sense...after all the grass is always greener on the other side right:).Oh, by the way Raghu...wish u would have written your comment in simpler terms...v are not as smart or philosophical as u :)

Raghu said...

Wikipedia,, defines philosophy as below.

The term philosophy derives from a combination of the Greek words philos meaning love and sophia meaning wisdom. What philosophy is, or should be, is itself a philosophical question that philosophers have understood and treated differently through the ages.

Now with that definition... :)... you sounded as much philosophical as i did :)... and talk about "temporary insanity"... who posted the original message which made us all very philosophical... surely she's got to be atleast as philosophical as us if not more :)...

oops... before i get carried away... wish "temporary insanity" and I had time to go out with you, "cyber cinderella" and talk and get all the secrets :)... heard about you quite a bit from "temporary insanity"... wish you the best as you prepare to head "down under"... and ruby tuesdays are expensive as hell... i guess u'll agree with me on that eh?? :)

accidental diva said...

Ok Ok...I admit defeat...u r way too good with words..n u better be good to me otherwise u wont have anyone to dish out gossip about S..wat say?
Hey,thanx for the good wishes n I do agree with u...dont think S n me are ever gonna go anywhere near Ruby Tuesdays in our lifetime:)

Raghu said...

naa.. google helped out big time is all i can say :)... and ofcourse i'll be good to you... i need all the gossip i can get!... i am starved for information here :)... u should try the mainland china buffet... let me know and i can reserve the seats :)