Wednesday, September 20, 2006

burden of weights...

i have been hearing these weird opinions from people about my doing a bit of strength training recently.i mean what's d big deal!!don't get it's not that i am going to look like the next K.maheshwari or anything,with those bulging just trying to get a nice toned look.whats so wrong with that??all around i hear things like "r u crazy,why do u want muscles?" or"it doesn't look good when a girl has muscles",whats with's not like i am lifting 200kgs or still in the measely 5 kgs category and that too with great difficulty.and anyway it's helping my tennis.can safely say that the only person,actually make that 2 people happy with my weight lifting are my gym instructor and my tennis coach!!!
and ofcourse i,me ,myself.have actually started feeling and looking good.bye bye to those flabby arms and a big hello :)to a well toned look.and anyway isn't that supposed to be the "in" totally happy with it,giving me a new high !!!
so cheers to weight lifting and a big thumbs down to those discouraging people out there(me thinks it's just sour grapes talking;))

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