Thursday, September 13, 2007

sundays???what are those???

come september and my sundays have vanished!!! friends had warned me about this and i had snootily said"i can deal with it" or "i will learn to like it". but that fateful day arrived and i have to say it just left me with a bad headache and a sore mood!! and i thought it was only a sunday exercise, oh no, there i was mistaken. they have one every monday night as well.... i am sure many of the wives/girlfriends/moms (basically most women) will sympathise with me and hate their sundays from sept to february too.....most of u might have guessed, and guessed right, FOOTBALL.

that violent game, where one guy is ready to kill another or if not
completely maul him(like the recent pitbull maulings of people), atleast make sure he goes home with one broken bone, u know just for memories :) and this my dear readers, i am subjected to every sunday. and it's soooo loud i wish i were deaf!! i have a deal with R, he can either watch the morning game or the afternoon one :) and i am such a sucker, seeing the intense concentration on his face, the reactions to things happening on the field, so animated, so child like, i am sure i will let him watch both games if he begs a little ;) so, my only hope is if he will stick to our deal.

it's not that complicated to understand, but I just don't get the essence of a guy trying to make a touchdown, fighting and waving like a raging bull to make it, and my god are these guys huge. they are called the 300 pounder or 340 pounder, like as if it is a 3 lb burger from big mac they are talking about!! and for this they get paid like millions of dollars!!! if i don't soon learn to appreciate the game(which i very much doubt i will) i'll have to find something to do out of the house between 9-12 and 1-4 plus the overtimes. guess i'll just be visitor on sunday evenings!!!! ;);)


Serendipity said...

You have been tagged

Pointblank said...

oh! oh! tatz big trouble! but as long as hez not inviting friends over to watch te game, ur safe. Best thing - try to enjoy te game urself. Watch it for a while n m sure ul get around liking it. Atleast its not a snail game like our 7hr one day cricket or 5day tets matches!

temporary insanity said...


will get down to the tag soon :)


thanks, that's what everybody has been saying i ought to do. but i still don't think i will learn to like it!!but am planning to give it a try and see how it goes or else i lose my husband for a sunday;)