Friday, April 06, 2007

it's been so long since i wrote anything, i had even forgotten my login!!! well thats cos i hav just been real busy, doing... well, absolutely nothing.

ever since i resigned from work, i have been just sitting around, listening to music, reading, watching loads of movies on TV. i mean i actually sat thro' an entire emraan hashmi starrer!!!hard to beat eh? and the dumbest thing, i found myself recommending this movie to my cousin. he gave a snort of laughter and told me to get a life. you see, for him(actually mayb everybody ;0)emraan hasmi = himesh reshammiyya :)!!!
though i rather like the shopping bouts between all this, and i don't even feel guilty! it's like this, i am getting married in 2 weeks time, so shopping is legitimate, right? even mom is not questioning my silly shopping sprees. ofcourse she keeps an eagle eye when i veer towards the bigger stuff!! though i have been warned by ma and my fiance,NO MORE SHOES!!!well thats sad, really :( i am from the school of thought that u can never have enough of them, u can be without clothes, but shoes??? nah... they will only complement the naked look ;) ok ok just kidding, or else my fiance may just start questioning my intentions!!

well, what do i say, never thought i would say this, but life without work sure is boring! and the grass is always greener on the other side!!
the worst part is, it's not the happening thing to go out in the sun too much, to just loaf around, they(read ma and aunt) would prefer if i don't drive, well maybe walk too. and the clever excuse is, u r the bride, u will get tanned, u will get and look tired. i mean what am i supposed to do!! shifting my butt from one sofa to the next all day is not much fun, and what with all the good food and jalebis, am not sure butt will fit on the sofa soon!!! then what am i going to do....
well thats a bone i am going to wrangle with for the next 2 weeks, so can't do much eh? will be stuck at home and watch more TV i guess....
Jay! Emraan Hashmi and double Jay Hallmark n HBO n Zee Studio n all the rest of the channels,not to forget Ftv!!! :)

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