Wednesday, February 28, 2007

gorgeous grand graceful glittering glorious.......

Oh wow!! what a super super weekend!!! Was in Goa with these three really fundu, sweet happy, happening girls :). Together, we roamed the streets and beaches of Goa, in a state of perpetual excitement.This was a long awaited holiday, which we have been planning for eons n eons!! Have not seen a place which is more filled and overflowing with life, colour and culture all packed into one goody bag called Goa!!
Always wanted to do the Goa thingy with friends. The last time i went was with family, where we stayed in this nice resort tucked away in a corner of the state and stayed there in oblivion for some 3 days.... it was nice, after all my grandma's big 80, so considering that, it was a restful, relaxing 3 days!!
This time, well it was something else!!It sure was relaxing and restful but at the same time it was exciting!! I had always heard about Baga Beach, Anjuna, Candolim, this time I actually lived it!! I had heard about the shacks, this time I saw them!The place is always pulsating with life!!!
Every place we visited was different, be it the Terekol fort, or the fountainhans(hope i spelt it right!), or that quiant lil portugese resturant right opposite our place(oh and the owner was darling :)),or Tito's, man that place is a landmark in the state!!Never seen no nite club soo advertised in B'lore!!I was thinking we shld send our dear
Mr. Kumaraswamy to show him what we should do to B'lore. He seriously is curbing our partying spirits, which is a serious crime Mr. Chief Minister!!!Will consider writing a letter to him on the same;)
The place seems so safe, do what u want, when u want kinda thingy. The only time u get really irked by the laid back attitude is at Breakfast, when u have stayed out late, gotten up even later and you are ravenous, these people donot give u your order for at least 45 mins. can u believe that, 45 mins to get an egg and toast!!!
But the rest of the time is something else, u like the place for its easy, no one is in a hurry,do what u want attitude. Man! u cAn get away with murder and no one would know ;)where else could us heavy weights wear a backless top or even just a spagetti top and get away with it!!certainly not here...
the bestest part(for a person like me, who loves driving) are the roads.People of b'lore, we don't know what roads are!!The roads in Goa are awsome,smooth as a baby's bottom is the first thing that came to my mind, hehehee..but really i loved the driving!!poor V asked me several times if she could drive, but i was like "no, it's ok, i am not tired". the truth, i knew in B'lore i wouldn't be able to drive so aaraamse, with my mind wandering happily, nobody blaring their horns in my ear, hmmm... such bliss!!oh ya, i loved the Rumblers too..
so all in all, people, Goa Rocks!!!can do this again and again, and will never tire of it!!


Anonymous said...

it sure was a super holiday! though u didnt even get officially wet !!!

accidental diva said...

Gal it was the best holiday ever....n i agree with vidya, u did not even get wet properly!!! that just aint right:):)

temporary insanity said...

vidya n dee@

ofcourse i got a bit wet!!! went in till my calfs(well almost anyway!).....:)

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